Working with teachers on technologies to better assist them during the classroom (including VR), we implemented the following sharing feature on few classrooms equipped with touch tables: Classroom Browser is a free universal app aimed to deliver a similar sharing feature, adapted to the standard classrooms (laptops and tablets instead […]

Classroom Sharing

Wikipedia is an incredible source of information for the classroom. This is one entry point to the human knowledge. Sharing web pages in the classroom is made easy with Classroom Browser: go anywhere, click on Share, and your students can follow you and view the page you just shared. With […]

The value of using Wikipedia in the classroom

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As sharing a link takes a second with Classroom Browser, I send quick polls very often to my student to get instant feedback. Most of the time I will send a poll before a lesson, and after the lesson. Sometime I will run a poll before preparing a course to […]

How to run a poll with Classroom Browser

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BYOD means Bring Your Own Devices. From a teacher point of view, BYOD means that you have to deal with any kind of devices, with any kind of restrictions such as parental control active – or not. First year was iPads only. It was easy! Last year, all my students […]

BYOD is fun, easy and efficient with Classroom Browser

Classroom Browser is the easiest way to start instant sharing any web page within the classroom.
You will find here a list of web apps that can be instant shared with your students using Classroom Browser. We focused on: – Content you can share safely, whatever yours or your student’s devices – Apps that you can use to collaborate with your students We restricted our list […]

Web apps and content to instant share

  Based on my experience, having students collaborate on a document is not that easy but brings good results. As with Classroom Browser, starting a real-time collaborative session is easy, I use it more and more.  

Collaborate on a document

  You will find here activities that you can share with your students using the Classroom Browser. Activities can help understand a concept, or just take a educational break…  

Sharing Activities

  One of the popular activities in the classroom is to share maps. I give a context, share a map, and students can navigate in the map, zoom it, explore by themselves. I tested several web based maps and I use two of them, one from National Geographic and Google […]

Sharing Maps

  As an early adopter of Classroom Browser, I’m happy to share my experience. Classroom Browser allows you to share a myriad of web links, without breaking the dynamics of the classroom. This is good to keep student’s attention and engagement – but also requires preparation.

A day with Classroom Browser