Sharing Activities

You will find here activities that you can share with your students using the Classroom Browser. Activities can help understand a concept, or just take a educational break…





PHet is a set of scientific simulations developed by the University of Colorado Boulder. The website contains HTML5 and Flash based simulations. You should be able to share the HTML5 simulations with all your students, but should avoid the Flash based simulations that will not run on most devices (specially iOS).






Teachers can confidently encourage students to use Funbrain during their free time in class, assured that kids will enjoy an educational, safe online learning experience. Funbrain’s games help students build on what they have learned in class and acquire new skills in reading, math, and problem solving.






This site contains a wide choice of resources to help teaching numeracy, time, shape, measure, etc.






In this Math game, Students need to combine the numbers needed to reach the total shown. Fun, easy but help practicing algebra.






Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. In that spirit, this website provides multiple fun activities to learn code.

Written by John Enostom, sharing his experience with the Classroom Browser.



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