How to run a poll with Classroom Browser

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As sharing a link takes a second with Classroom Browser, I send quick polls very often to my student to get instant feedback.

Most of the time I will send a poll before a lesson, and after the lesson. Sometime I will run a poll before preparing a course to evaluate where my students are on a specific topic.

In addition to provide me with more visibility on where we are, I found the polls to contribute to student’s engagement. My students seems to appreciate.

Here are some examples of polls I am using:

  • Before a new topic, one or two key questions
  • At the end of a topic, one or two key questions
  • Did you understood the lesson? (yes/no)
  • How long did you studied for the test?
  • Take a decision
  • Get anonymous feedback on my teaching methodology


You will find below links to other poll apps you can use, but here is how to use is linked from the Classroom Browser Teacher home screen, because it is a free product that do not requires registration, and works well.


Just after you opened the app, you are ready to create your poll. Just fill the question and the choices, then click on Get the link, as shown below:


You will see the result page. You are ready to share the link with your students, as shown here:


As soon as your students reply, you will see the results progressing on your screen.

Other polls you can use with Classroom Browser

Several polls are available on the web – they all allows you to instant run a poll, or to prepare your polls before the classroom.

All the apps below was tested with Classroom Browser using the URL sharing feature.

This is the default one in the Classroom Browser Teacher. Easy to use, reliable, I had no reason not to use this one, even if some others are more premium.

Poll Everywhere

Very easy to use, no account creation required, and the results are clear.


You and your students will need a free account to get started, but you will keep track of all the results and have tools to better visualize student understanding.


You and your students will need a free account to use SurveyMonkey, but this app will allow you to build complex survey with a mix of different type of questions.

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