Getting Started

3 easy steps to get started with Classroom Browser:

1. Download and install the app

Download Classroom Browser Teacher


2. Create a classroom

A classroom allows you to share web links with a group of students.

Start Classroom Browser and choose New Classroom to create your first classroom.




Enter any string as the classroom name and click Create.




When the classroom is created, you can see it in the list:




When your students are enrolled (see below), click on the classroom name to get the PIN number. This PIN is for the students to join your classroom.




Click on Start Browsing, then you can type any URL or explore the suggested apps and links.



3. Enroll your students

Ask your students to download and install Classroom Browser Student on their devices.


Instruction for Students:

Downloading and using Classroom Browser as a Student

Email the download link to your students: Send invite


When your students are ready, open any web page and click on the share button.


Your student’s home page will be set to the URL you just shared. They just have to click on the Home button to open the web link you just shared.


More information:

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