The value of using Wikipedia in the classroom

Wikipedia is an incredible source of information for the classroom. This is one entry point to the human knowledge.

Sharing web pages in the classroom is made easy with Classroom Browser: go anywhere, click on Share, and your students can follow you and view the page you just shared.

With Wikipedia, this feature becomes very powerful.


The value of sharing content during the course

Wikipedia exists since a decade and is massively used by teachers and students. However, during the classroom, it is easier for the teacher to extract Wikipedia content and to share it out of its context.

With Classroom Browser, as teacher can instant share any web page, it is more interesting to share the whole page with the students, and to allow them to follow the links they want to go further, than just sharing a piece of it.

The same Wikipedia page can be read differently

The teacher want to share a page talking about a concept. All the students will receive the same page, but will not read it the same way. In general, we focus on reading what we don’t know, and to zap what we already know.

A page on Wikipedia contains links to resources. Some students will want to follow some of them, when other students will focus on the Wikipedia original text.

Sharing a web page is more efficient than sharing a text out of its context.

Wikipedia as an engagement tool

Sharing web pages increases students engagement because they can “touch” the content when they interact with the Wikipedia web page. They are active when they follow the teacher to view the page, and read the sections of the page they are interested in, or when they follow the links in the page itself.

In addition to sharing pages, it is possible to share pictures. Sharing pictures to illustrate an idea or a concept can be extremely efficient.

Wikipedia for free search

It your student are working on a topic, you can provide them with a full access to Wikipedia to do their researches. Sharing Wikipedia is safe as your students are free to navigate in Wikipedia, but cannot go elsewhere on the Internet.

How to get started

To get started, you need to install Classroom Browser. The installation is easy and Classroom Browser is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Getting started with Classroom Browser

When Classroom Browser is installed,  create a classroom or choose No classroom to start browsing. You can now type in the URL field:


When the Wikipedia home page is loaded, you can type a keyword to search in the field in the bottom of the screen:


When an article is opened, you can share it with your students: Click on Share, and ask them to click on the Get icon from Classroom Browser Student version.


The same way you shared an article, you can share a picture:


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